ADA - Valley View Regional Hospital board of directors voted at their monthly meeting Thursday night to bring a neurosurgeon to Ada. Dr. Kim Pratt, M.D., Neurosurgery, will be coming to Ada by February to run a spine center.

“One of our primary goals is to be a major referral center,” said Ron Webb, CEO of VVRH. “There are only three neurosurgeons in the southeastern section of Oklahoma, and all three are located in Norman. We project that 80 percent of the volume will be spine or neck surgery. We feel it’d be a very positive thing for us to do this.”

In addition to Dr. Pratt, Webb also updated the board about several new doctors that could be coming to the area under the VVRH recruiting program. These doctors include Imtiaz Ahmed, M.D., pulmonology; Jeremy Howes, M.D., general surgery; and Hamed Komaiha, M.D., infectious disease.

The board of directors also voted to hire an outside company to help train and educate employees to receive better patient satisfaction survey results.

“As a board we are looking at what can our hospital do for our region and what can we do to get there,” said Dale Boatwright, VVRH board member.

VVRH will contract with the educational program for a three year period.

“We’ve already been doing a lot, but we feel like we could use some outside help getting there with our 785 employees,” said Webb. “I want us to be among the top 10 percent in the nation when it comes to patient satisfaction.”

It was announced at the meeting that the Valley View Foundation had raised just over $3,000 with their Christmas tree auction. Miniature Christmaas trees were distributed to businesses within the community to be decorated and displayed for silent auction. The auction was held on Dec. 6 in conjuction with the Chirstmas parade.

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