Ada Regional United Way, Inc. is celebrating its 60th year of service to the community with the 2008 Campaign. Local officials say they anticipate that this will be the most successful campaign to date.

This year’s campaign goal is set at $300,000. By reaching this goal, eighteen member agencies and local programs will continue to assist local community members in need.

This year’s campaign them is “It Takes You, It Takes Me, It Takes the Whole Community.”

“With the cooperation of everyone in the community playing the part of either contributor and/or volunteer, our local community will become an even better place to live,” said Latricia Bryant, Executive Director of Ada Regional United Way, Inc. “It is important for the entire community we live in to know that their investment no matter how large or how small is very important.”

In the past five years, Ada Regional United Way, Inc. has been very successful in creating awareness in our community to the importance of giving as an individual to combine efforts and make a large impact.

Annual contributions have increased from $154,000 during the 2002 Campaign to last year’s $300,000. This fact reflects a large increase in the amount that each member agency receives on an annual basis.

By contributing to Ada Regional United Way, Inc. individuals are investing in the support of eighteen member agencies in the local community without taking time from the busy life to investigate which agency is in the most urgent need of contribution.

A group of volunteers meets annually with representation from each agency receiving funding through Ada Regional United Way, Inc. This group spends hours reviewing budget requests, financial information and agency information to access the annual need of each agency and in turn determining the annual amount necessary to be located through the Ada Regional United Way, Inc. contribution process.

The 2008 campaign chair is Lori Easley.

Ninety-nine percent of donations stays in the local community.

For more information, phone Bryant at (580) 332-2313 x 223 or send an e-mail to

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