The shadow just above the boy's right hand is unexplained. The photo was taken on an Easter morning. The family requested their son's identity remain anonymous. - Ada, Oklahoma

Mr. and Mrs. G. of Ada didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary on that Easter morning eight years ago as their young son inspected his basket full of candy.

It wasn’t until after the family had the photos processed that they noticed an uninvited guest had shown up in one of the pictures.

Strange things sometimes happened in the house on West 22nd St. Mr. and Mrs. G. rented.


A feeling of being watched.

Tenants who stayed in the house before and after Mr. and Mrs. G. confirmed there was something odd about the residence. Nothing sinister or scary; more like little things; doors slamming, the sound of footsteps walking through empty rooms.

“You know how when you get pictures, you just kind of go through them and put them away,” said Mrs. G.

While browsing through a series of three photos featuring their son on a table and playing with his Easter loot, the couple noticed something strange about the second of three pictures taken within a minute of each other; a silhouette in the background.

Not a big deal, right?

Just a relative who walked past the sliding glass and managed to get herself in a picture.

Only there was no other relative in the house, it was just the little boy and his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. G. said they were caught up trying to get the boy's attention and make him look at the camera. They didn’t notice the shadowy figure in the background until after the photos came back.

“We saw it and thought, ‘What is it?’ So we took it back to Wal-Mart where we had it developed,” said Mrs. G. “The lady who developed it wouldn’t even touch the picture.”

Mr. and Mrs. G. accepted the photo as just another weird occurrence they’d experienced while living in the house. It wasn’t until years later when comparing notes with former tenants that Mrs. G. realized many other tenants who’d previously lived in the house had strange things happen to them as well.

“My daughter even rented that house later after we did,” Mrs. G. said. “We all know there’s something weird going on. But it’s not bad. We don’t have any problem going into that house or anything.”

Mrs. G. said she and her husband had the picture enlarged in an effort to see if the woman’s silhouette could be identified as anything else, but no such luck.

“We’re hoping it’s something explainable,” said Mrs. G. “We can’t say if it’s just some fluke of a shadow or something. We’re not claiming it’s anything, we just think it’s something we can’t explain.”