An Ada resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said unclean swimming pools in her neighborhood are breeding mosquitos.

She said two swimming pools near her residence are causing problems.

“One is east of us and they haven’t used it in two years.  It hasn’t been cleaned out and has water standing,” she said.  

“Then we have one at back that never cleans their pool out.  They just put a little water in there for the kids to play in and when the water evaporates they put in a little more.”

Due to mosquitos breeding in the pools, she said she can’t enjoy her back yard.

“Consequently, we can’t sit in the back yard and we have mosquitoes.  After it rains, it doesn’t take two days to have wiggle-tails in the water that’s standing here and there,” she said.

Don Benefield of Pontotoc County Health Department said while that’s not a frequent occurrence, it does happen from time to time.

“Usually, in the case where it’s in Ada city limits, there’s going to be a city ordinance against that.  Many times, the city inspector will go out, take a look at it, get in touch with the owner and say, ‘We’ve got to get rid of this problem,’” he said.

Ada City Attorney Alvin Files said residents in a similar predicament should contact Ada Code Enforcement.

“It would come under our nuisance ordinances and code enforcement would look at it,” he said.  “They do investigate that on their own or if there are complaints.  You just need to get in contact with code enforcement and you can do that anonymously.”

To contact code enforcement, phone (580) 436-8136.

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