BYNG — Shelly Cole has filed for a position on the Byng School Board, with the election to be held on Feb. 14.

Cole and her family resided in Montana previously before moving to Oklahoma nine years ago. Shelly and her husband, Bill, are originally from a rural town in upstate New York. He is a lifelong cattleman.

They have three children, all of which are Byng students; Ashley, 17; Ben, 16; and A.J., 10. All are members of St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

Cole is a graduate of NYU's diploma program in Real Estate and Finance. She started her own business, First Northern Mortgage, in 1993. She is a licensed and bonded Mortgage Broker in both Oklahoma and Montana.

"I'm running for the Byng Board of Education because I believe in the Byng School System and feel I can make a positive impact in its future," Cole said. "I feel I can make fair and smart decisions that are not only good for the district, but for the kids, the teachers and the parents."

Cole said she would try to implement a mentoring program for the Byng School System.

"The school board is supposed to be made up of elected members of the community," she said. "There are a lot of great people out there that would be happy to make a commitment to our school--and I hope to be working on setting up a mentoring program with some of those people."

Voters should vote at their regular polling places.

Absentee voting can be done at the Pontotoc County Courthouse today.

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