Two suspects arrested Wednesday by Ada police had been working hard to rip off the personal identities of several Ada residents in recent days, police allege in an arrest affidavit.

When police finally stopped the suspects at the corner of Broadway and 10th Street about 5:30 p.m., they were rewarded with a mother lode of Social Security cards, checkbooks, white powdery stuff in plastic bags, driver’s licenses, and a fugitive from justice, they allege in their report.

All of this was found inside a silver 2011 four-door Mazda with a hatch back, according to Officer Kathy Unbewust.  

Once the search began, the officer was rewarded with one new discovery after another.

It was enough to send a fugitive from Missouri and another man to jail.

Local police made their own break in the case when an alert off-duty Ada police officer, Jason Mosley, noticed a suspect vehicle pass in front of him. It matched the description given in an auto burglary report in recent days in which guns were taken.

Mosley began pursuing the vehicle and Sgt. Kevin Hood, who was on duty, caught up with both vehicles.

Hood pulled over a man who identified himself as Brandon Baker and helped him out of the car. Other officers arrived quickly.

There was a passenger riding with the driver — a man who gave the name Randall Perkins and provided ID to prove it.

Baker told the officer his ID was somewhere in the car. Unbewust then asked permission to look through the car for his wallet.

He said, “I guess so,” the police report alleges.

Unbewust began at the driver’s side door and immediately found an ID and what looked to be two Social Security cards in the front passenger floorboard.

One find led to another until allegedly stolen items greeted the officer’s eyes almost everywhere she searched.

First, she turned the cards over and found the ID of a woman who reported a car burglary in Ada earlier that day.

She also found Social Security cards for three other recent victims of automobile burglary in Ada, the police report said.

That led the officer to take a look in the back seat, which is where she found another Social Security card.

Unbewust ran a warrant check on both suspects, including the driver Brandon Taylor Stevens.

The passenger, Randall Perkins, she learned, was a fugitive from justice. Law officers in Missouri want to see him as soon as possible.

Stevens  was arrested for concealing stolen property.

While doing an inventory of the car, Unbewust found a Social Security card in the name of another woman who had recently turned in a car burglary report. She also found a Blue Cross/Blue Shield card in the name of a man who had turned in an auto burglary, the report says.

Unbewust found a green checkbook cover and a bag located in the pocket of the seat in the back.

She saw a zipper bag inside a brown leather bag; a tri-fold green checkbook and a small black and gray checkered zipper case.

When opened, it revealed 15 small zip-lock bags and all appeared to have white powder residue inside them, officials said in the report.

In the back hatch of the vehicle, Unbewust found textbooks from a student who reported a car burglary theft in Ada. She also found two ladies’ clutch-type wallets.

Unbewust called APD Detective Kathi Johnston.

The detective interviewed Perkins and Stevens, impounded the car, packaged the baggies and placed them in the drug drop box to be mailed to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

She released to Deputy Kevin Wood property that could be returned to some of the recent victims.  

The key to the suspects vehicle was also tagged and placed in the drug drop box and the two suspects were arrested and taken to the Pontotoc County Justice Center.