Two people were charged Tuesday with making methamphetamine after ingredients for making the drug was allegedly found at their residence.

Carolyn June Gorrell, 33, Ada, and Cecil R. Gorrell, 32, Ada, were arrested at a local department store Nov. 30, 2010. A District 22 drug task force officer, Josh Dean, was called to the store by loss prevention officers.

Carolyn Gorrell allegedly attempted to steal lithium batteries. The incident was witnessed by a loss prevention officer. The officer watched Carolyn Gorrell until she met with Cecil Gorrell who was purchasing pseudoephedrine pills.

As the two attempted to leave, they were confronted by Dean and the loss prevention officer. When asked if he had anything illegal in his possession, Cecil Gorrell admitted he did, according to Dean.

“I conducted a search of Cecil’s person and located two black metal containers which contained 12 baggies containing a white powdery substance, hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes and coffee filters,” Dean said in a court affidavit.

Carolyn Gorrell removed the batteries from her jacket and was arrested on suspicion of petit larceny.

“Carolyn advised she had stolen the lithium batteries for Cecil  so that he could manufacture methamphetamine,” Dean said. “Carolyn advised that the methamphetamine she had in her possession came from Cecil. She knew Cecil manufactured methamphetamine but wasn’t positive of where he did it.”

Dean interviewed Cecil Gorrell who reportedly admitted he was making methamphetamine at his home on County Road 3487. Agents obtained a search warrant for the home.

Dean said agents found a can of starter fluid, a bottle of Drano, a bottle of Liquid Lightning drain opener, lithium batteries, numerous cold compress packs, coffee filters, several bottles containing unknown substances, pseudoephedrine pill boxes, bottles of household lye, a baggy with a white powdery substance.

All the items found are ingredients for making methamphetamine. Agents also found a marijuana grinder, digital scales and marijuana.

Cecil Gorrell was charged with manufacturing a controlled dangerous substance - methamphetamine, second and subsequent, unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute, second and subsequent, conspiracy to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance and possession of pseudophedrine by person subject to methamphetamine registry.

Carolyn Gorrell was charged with endeavoring to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance - methamphetamine, unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent distribute, conspiracy to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance and maintaining a dwelling resorted by uses of controlled dangerous substances.

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