Drug Search

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Director R. Darrell Weaver, center, briefs local law enforcement officials before they board a helicopter to view a marijuana crop found in Pontotoc County Thursday. (Photo by Randy Mitchell)


Two people were arrested after a marijuana crop was discovered during an Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) operation Monday.

OBN agents were using helicopters to search for marijuana plants in Pontotoc County when they spotted a crop in a garden behind a residence near Allen.

“We sent a ground team to the house,” said OBN spokesman Mark Woodward. “(Agents) talked with the (occupants) and made the arrests.”

Woodward said agents arrested Will Wainscott, 67, and his ex-wife, Tracy McDonald, 45, both of Allen. Wainscott was arrested on suspicion of possessing and cultivation of marijuana and possessing  a firearm while in the commission of a felony.

McDonald was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Both were released on bail from the Pontotoc County Justice Center. The marijuana plants — 46 in all — were destroyed.

The search and destroy event is part of OBN’s annual Marijuana Eradication Mission Program which it conducts all over the state.

OBN officials were in the area for the past week and Thursday were joined by several officials representing local law enforcement.

After a powerpoint presentation of OBN’s mission, officials were shown equipment worn and used by OBN agents in the field. Afterward, local officials boarded OBN helicopters and were flown to a remote field in northwest Pontotoc County where another large marijuana crop was discovered Thursday morning.

Among those on hand for the presentation and helicopter ride were State Rep. Paul Roan, judges Tom Landrith, Martha Kilgore, and Steven Kessinger, District Attorney Chris Ross, Assistant District Attorney Jim Tillison, Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian, and Seminole County Sheriff Shannon Smith.

The crop of 244 plants was destroyed. No arrests were made by press time. 

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