ADA — Two out of the six hidden prize tokens for the Ada Evening News Treasure Hunt Contest were located Tuesday. Linda Wade and Cindy Flowers were the first of six eventual winners, locating the 5th Prize Cutlass Doubloon Token. The pair combined skills as amateur sleuths to piece together 17 separate clues and find the gold coin token they redeemed to claim an assortment of prizes. A second hidden token was discovered hours later by Kim Byars and Misti Hatton as they claimed the 6th Prize Pistol Token.

At least three clues for each of the six prize tokens are printed within individual advertisements published every Tuesday through November 7th in the special Treasure Hunt section of the Ada Evening News. Wade and Flowers took full advantage of five extra bonus clues printed this week, but admitted they still had difficulty deciphering the riddles, even with the extra help. “These clues were hard,” Flowers said. “I thought the clues were leading us to look on Morrison Street because of the reference to Jim Morrison of The Doors, and Linda thought the reference was to the rock band Pink Floyd.” Ultimately, they were both right.

“Each week, the clues progressively reveal more and more,” reports Chris Robbins, advertising manager for the Ada Evening News. “All the clues for the cutlass token printed during the first four weeks of the promotion will be printed in next Tuesday’s Treasure Hunt section and details of how each clue relates to the location it was found in will be listed as well. Hopefully, this will give our readers some insights into the thought processes of our crack team of clue writers to help them locate the remaining tokens, including the $500 Grand Prize doubloon.” Only three more Treasure Hunt Contest sections will be published before the promotion ends November 7, but prizes will continue to be redeemed until all tokens are found.

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