Jennifer Payne, (left) formerly of Ada, trains at the University of Delaware skating facility and skates often on sessions with Kimmie Meissner, (inset) who placed sixth in the Olympics this year. Payne plans to become a skating choreographer. Her major is exercise science, figure skating science concentration. The University of Delaware sent 31 skaters to national, several to world and junior world competitions and three saketers to the Olympics this year. Several international teams train at the university, including the 2006 Olympic ice dancing fifth place team from Bulgaria, with whom Payne trains. Below, Payne (left) poses with Sasha Cohen (2006 Olympic silver medalist, 2002 fourth place at Olympics) and Sarah Hughes (2002 Olympic Gold Medalist, at the 2003 National Championship Cometitor’s party. (Photos courtesy Bob Payne)

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