ADA – Torrential rainfall caused severe flooding across Pontotoc County this afternoon, leaving streets blocked and cars stalled by water as deep as four feet in some areas.

South of Ada, three people miraculously escaped with minor injuries after the pickup they were riding in was swept off a low-water bridge. Fighting through the heavy rainfall, rescue workers had initially reported seeing the people trapped in the vehicle as it floated off out of sight along the swollen creek. Moments later, an Ada firefighter reported that all three had managed to escape the vehicle and had suffered only minor injuries.

Dozens of city streets were closed because of heavy flooding, including North Broadway near the intersection of Richardson Loop and East Main Street near Hope. Dozens of vehicles were stranded across the city, many with water levels reaching over the hood.

Several people were rescued from their vehicles at heavily flooded intersections, including two elderly women who were trapped in their vehicle at the intersection of 10th and Townsend.

Heavy rainfall began shortly after 9 a.m. this morning across Pontotoc and surrounding counties. Rainfall totals varied, but the official weather reporting station in Ada had received more than three inches of rain by noon, and heavy rain was forecast to continue into the early afternoon.

City response crews were pushed to the limit, blocking flooded streets and assisting motorists caught up by the rising waters. At one point, officials one Main Street business used one of their delivery trucks to block a flooded portion of the street because city crews were unable to respond.

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(Images and photos by Derek Fraiser, Bethany Walling, Maurisa Nelson and Chris Robbins)

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