Thieves broke into two separate residences and stole tools last week.

Ada resident Donnie Clifford said he was asleep on the night of April 22 when thieves broke into his garage and stole his tools.

“Thursday night when I was in bed they broke into my garage and stole a Craftsman weedeater and a chain saw,” Clifford said.  He said he had locked the garage but the thieves were not deterred and broke the hasp off his garage door.

“It appeared someone had come through a gate on the South side of his residence and pulled the screws out of the hasp to gain entry into the garage,” a police report of the incident said.

“I’ve been living up here two and one-half years,” Clifford said.  “Of course I had it locked but they figured out ways to get it open.”

Clifford said the sounds of yard work on the weekend had him looking for his missing tools.

“I even heard a chainsaw running Saturday.  I drove around and looked and, of course, it was somebody with a completely different chainsaw,” he said.  “That’s how paranoid you get.”

If any residents have information about Clifford’s missing tools, he can be contacted at (580) 332-9578.

The shop of Shawn Sibble was also broken into during the night, according to another police report.

“Also found lying by the gate was a grey t-shirt from the Chickasaw Nation Community Gardens with the words ‘Team Captain’ on the front and ‘SLIDER’ on the back,” the report said.  The report said the shirt was taken to the Ada Police Department and tagged as evidence.

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