Submitted PhotoPictured from left to right are Tina’s Legacy board member LaDona Hill, Willard Grade Center Principal Kevin Mann and Willard Grade Center counselor Dana McNutt.

  Tina’s Legacy: Sunshine, Water and Remembrance board member LaDona Hill recently presented a check for $900 to Willard Grade Center principal Kevin Mann and school counselor Dana McNutt. 

McNutt is also the school coordinator for Camp Goddard. The donation will benefit four sixth-graders with financial needs for the full fees for this annual week-long outdoor class experience.

Camp Goddard is one of the Ada City School system’s oldest and most prestigious programs. Each year, the sixth-grade students are offered the exciting opportunity to attend Camp Goddard during the first week in May. This National Environmental Education Landmark is located in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in southern Oklahoma, along the shores of the Lake of the Arbuckles.

While in attendance, the campers participate in learning centered around science and social studies. Their experiences may include visiting the onsite Dinosaur Room and the Native American Room; creating arts and crafts; hiking; canoeing; fishing, and swimming. These camp experiences create memories that will last a lifetime.

Tina’s Legacy: Sunshine, Water and Remembrance received its title due to the love of the outdoors and water activities demonstrated by the late Tina Davis, a special education teacher and director in Ada City Schools. Tina was a lifeguard and  swim instructor for Willard students at Camp Goddard throughout her many years with the school system. One way in which Tina’s legacy and memory continue is through providing scholarships to make it a reality for these four Ada sixth-graders to attend Camp Goddard.