Ada-Seminole TEA Party will host the monthly meeting for increasing citizen awareness of government issues, Tuesday, July 12 from 6:30-9 p.m. at Pontotoc Technology Center Industrial Arts Classroom located at 601 West 33rd St, Ada. 

Speakers are Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb and State Auditor Gary Jones.  Their topic will address  elected  officials’ accountability to voters who put them into office this past November.

Tea Party meetings for upcoming months are as follows:

• Aug. 23 — Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and State Rep. Sally Kern will make presentations.

• Sept. 13 —  Keith Shankle will present “The Creature from Jekyll  Island: the Federal Reserve, One World Government and Socialism.”

• Oct. 11 — Dan Fisher will speak on “Representation with Representation.” Fisher is known for his  presentation of  The Black Robe Regiment involvement in the Revolutionary War efforts. This military organization, led by clergymen, brought about the successful outcome of the war against tyranny.

• Nov. 15 — Jenni White, president of  Oklahoma ROPE (Restoration of Public Education), will use her powerpoint  presentation on “ Common Core State Standards and Race to the Top: An Introduction to Marxism 101.” White and her staff want to alert Oklahomans to ways to participate in restoring quality education for  children.

There will be no TEA Party meeting in December, but meetings will resume in January. 

• Jan. 10, 2012 will feature Glen Howard speaking on “Israel, Our Ally: The United States Needs to be Supportive.” Glen is an advocate for Israel’s cause as a beacon of light and hope in the Middle East. 

Howard will host his colleague, Avi Lipkin, an expert on middle east concerns, at the First Baptist Church, Moore, Oklahoma, Sunday, July 31, from 6-8 p.m. Persons wanting to attend may phone 405-941-3381 to know if a carpool arrangement is available.

Avi, a nationally known speaker, will speak from his perspective as a Jewish national who lives in Israel now and who sees changes in the West’s support of Israel and implications for peaceful coexistence in the Middle East.

Konawa TEA Party.  under the direction of Jerry and Shirley Waddle, meets the fourth Tuesday of each month.  State Rep. Sally Kerns and state Rep. Josh Cockroft are speakers at the July 26 meeting from 7-9 p.m.  For more information, call 580-925-2688.

Fundraising activities to support the tea party expenses include sale of speakers’ presentations  on DVDs and CDs, books on American History themes, the Constitution,  Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights,  books such as  "The 5,000 Year Leap" by Earl Taylor; "Where is the Birth Certificate?" by Jerome Corsi, and "The Obama Error: by Stephen Pidgeon and TEA Party T-shirts.

As a way to increase public visibility for the TEA Party movement, the two TEA Party groups host a booth at the Pontotoc County Fair Sept. 1-3, PEC Day Sept. 24, and Wewoka Sorghum Day event.  Any one wanting to assist in the operation of the booths may phone 405-941-3381 or 580-925-2688. Books, DVDs and CDs, and T-shirts will be available  for sale at the booths as well as free literature.