The upcoming vote on the proposed extension of the one-cent sales tax has left many Ada residents wondering what all is involved.

What will it pay for? How long will the tax be paid? Does this mean taxes are going up? Will street repairs be included in the tax? What about the future of Ada’s water source?

An informative Legislative Lunch Friday at noon will attempt to answer these questions and more. The event is open to the public.

Ada Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting the lunch at Pontotoc Technology Center at noon Friday, July 16.

Ada City Council will be present to offer details on the ordinance.  Previously, council listed the various phases the tax will pay for in order of priority.

Phase one will be construction of a fire station, police station, 911 station, and sports complex; phase two will cover an engineering study and design of a raw water line; phase three should purchase street lights and central lights for the downtown area; phase four covers remodeling and refurbishing of Ada City Hall and other existing city facilities; while phase five will cover other capital improvements approved by council.

The lunch will be held in Pontotoc Technology Center’s Business and Industry Services Wing in room 410 A and B.

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