Tanti Study Club

ADA — The Fine Arts Department of Tanti Study Club held the Oct. 10 meeting at the home of Z. D. Parker, hostess, with Treva Gurley serving as co-hostess.  A short business meeting was held by Pat Bonar, president. The Nov. 6 meeting will be held at the Companion Outreach Center on South Mississippi.

Sandra Haney presented a very interesting program on the cogwheel train at Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs. Her presentation included getting to see lots of the history of this particular attraction by way of a DVD that she bought while on her trip to Colorado.

Members attending the meeting were Jane Aair, Sue Asklund, Pat Bonar, Carol Davis, Sammy Edwards, Myrna Glance, Treva Gurley, Sandra Haney, Evelyn Keefer, Anita Miller, Audrey Moore, Delores Moore, Z. D. Parker and Martha Sweatt.

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