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Ada Police Officer Michael O'Connor reads a suspect her rights after arresting her on suspicion of driving under the influence Monday. (Photo by Randy Mitchell)

Ada Evening News

By Randy Mitchell

City Editor

ADA — Backup was called after a suspected drunk driver allegedly fought with a police officer during an arrest Monday.

Ashly Ward, 25, Ada, was arrested on suspicion of expired tag, no insurance, driving under suspension, resisting arrest, giving false information to a police officer and driving under the influence, according to Police Officer Michael O’Connor.

O’Connor conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Arlington and Mississippi after noticing the vehicle Ward was driving had an expired tag sticker. O’Connor said when he asked for identification, Ward said she left it at home and gave him the false name of Brandy White and a false date of birth.

After checking with central dispatch and finding no reference, O’Connor asked for anything in the vehicle with a name on it.

“She picked up a wallet and looked inside,” O’Connor said. “I asked her to show me the name on the credit card in the wallet and she said it did not belong to her.”

O’Connor ordered her from the vehicle at which time she backed up further into the vehicle. He was able to pull her from the vehicle where she continued to resist, O’Connor said.

“(Ward) continued to resist, trying to pull away,” O’Connor said. “I told her several times to put her right arm behind her back or she would be tazed. It appeared she was trying to conceal something. She refused to bring her arm out from underneath her so I used a drive stun technique on her right side shoulder area.”

A drive stun technique is where a tazer is applied directly to the body for a shock which keeps the tazer gun from actually firing electric barbs. O’Connor said he delivered a second shock and Ward brought her arm out from behind her. Backup was called as the melee continued.

“I handcuffed the female and she still resisted by trying to kick and pinch me,” O’Connor said. “Sergeant (Kevin) Hood arrived and took control of the female.”

Police said Ward had outstanding warrants for fines totaling more than $900 to the city of Ada.


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