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Levi Gallagos


 Two alleged burglars fled from police Thursday night and one was captured after a foot chase.

Arrested was Ada resident Levi Garrett Gallagos, 18. Gallagos was reportedly a passenger in a vehicle pulled over by Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Wil Hayden near the intersection of Sandy Creek and Asa.

“Just as the pickup started to stop both driver and passenger side doors opened rapidly and two male subjects...started to run on foot eastbound on Sandy Creek,” Hayden said in a report.

The suspects were ordered to stop, but continued fleeing. Hayden gave chase and was able to capture Gallagos as he was attempting to climb a fence.

“While speaking to (Gallagos), I observed him to be very unsteady on his feet, stuttered speech and fidgety body movements,” Hayden said.

“I then patted down (Gallagos) and recovered a cut pad lock, a flashlight and a fixed-blade knife. In his wallet I recovered three counterfeit $20 bills (for) which later I contacted the U.S. Secret Service.”

Other deputies and Ada police arrived and Gallagos was given a drug recognition test and police determined he was under the influence of intoxicants.

He reportedly admitted to taking methamphetamine and gave authorities the name of his alleged accomplice. Deputies searched the vehicle and found items they believed were stolen.

“Two sets of bolt cutters, a baseball bat and camo backpack were recovered from the bed of the truck,” Hayden said. “A MagLite flashlight was found inside the truck along with what looked to be stolen items such as a jewelry box with women’s bracelets and rings inside.”

Hayden said other items such as tools and car radios were found in the pickup.

Hayden said he found the wallet of the other suspect in the vehicle which contained his social security card and food stamp card.

Gallagos was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, attempted escape from lawful arrest, conspiracy to commit a felony, disobeying a lawful order, possession of burglary tools, possession of marijuana, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Authorities are searching for the other suspect.

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