ADA — A suspect in a shooting incident at Ada Travel Stop Thursday has been arrested.

According to Ada Police reports, the incident stemmed from the break-up of the suspect and his girlfriend.

Sean Hunter, 24, Ada, was arrested on charges for suspicion of arson early Thursday morning. According to the police report, Hunter’s former girlfriend, Jami Correll, 23, Ada, was in the process of moving and Hunter set fire to items she had left behind.

Hunter is suspected of firing a high-powered rifle at Ada Travel Stop Thursday while standing across the street.

Due to cross jurisdictional issues between city, county and tribal law enforcement, formal charges of using a firearm have not been filed.

Correll identified a white desk and dog door as belonging to her and said she wanted to pursue charges for arson.

The shooting incident is still under investigation.

He Sean Hunter, 24, Ada, told Ada Police Officer Brad Rhoads he did not know it was against the law to burn items in the city limits.

According to police reports, Rhoads attempted to extinguish the fire in the 900 block of E 9th prior to the arrival of the Ada Fire department.

Hunter had been suspected of using a high-powered rifle earlier that morning, firing across the street at the Ada Travel Stop, owned by Chickasaw Nation. Because of the cross jurisdictional issues between, city, county and tribal law enforcement, formal charges for using a firearm have not been filed with the district attorney’s office.

The shooting incident is under investigation by several law enforcement agencies and other than no injuries being reported, no further information has been released.

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