SULPHUR — Two Sulphur women were the alleged victims of death threats by two men in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

At approximately 1 a.m. June 7, Sulphur Police Department was dispatched to Sulphur Terrace Apartments, 2000 W. 14th Street, where they met with victim Shawn Chapman, 21, who reported that two men came to her apartment looking for her boyfriend. According to police reports, both men were carrying guns and were allegedly going to shoot Chapman's boyfriend for snitching on someone, however only she, her mother, 39-year-old Davilon Chapman, and her two-year-old son were home at the particular time.

Chapman reportedly told the two men to leave and that she was calling the police. On her way downstairs to use her neighbor's phone to call police, one man allegedly put a gun to Chapman's head and told her to go back to her apartment or he was going to shoot her. She then ran back upstairs to use another neighbor's phone, where she was able to reach 911. At this time, the two suspects reportedly ran back to a waiting 1999 gray Isuzu Rodeo with a female driver and drove away, but firing off one shot towards the apartment as they left the complex. Chapman also reported hearing several shots fired after the incident occurred.

Chapman's mother also reiterated the same incident, only adding that while her daughter ran downstairs, one suspect pointed a small handgun in her face and stated that if Chapman called the police, he would shoot them all.

Sulphur Police has the name of one suspect and the investigation is still pending.

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