Stranded mobile home

Stranded mobile home


County officials said Thursday a mobile home which broke down on the side of a county road in June will be demolished.

The mobile home in question is sitting beside County Road 3530 two miles north of State Highway 3W and neighbors say its location creates a hazard.

Pontotoc County Commissioner Danny Davis and Sheriff John Christian have conferred with District Attorney Chris Ross who said the trailer is a public nuisance and the sheriff can abate the property.

Christian said the trailer was being moved illegally in the middle of the night in late June. It was completely loaded with furniture and other items which caused the frame to bend and an axle to break.

He said no towing companies will move the trailer because of the condition it’s in so the county will destroy it Friday or early next week. Davis will provide a large backhoe and dump truck for the demolition.

Christian spoke with the owner, Loretta McCoy Hood, and gave her to the end of the day Thursday to remove any belongings from the trailer.

Christian said Hood will have to reimburse the county for any costs associated with the trailer’s removal.

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