ADA – Gene Linton, Ada public safety director, spoke about the severe weather warning sirens at Monday night’s Ada City Council meeting. He said residents of Ahloso and those near the west end of Thomas Ranch Road would be able to hear a siren installed at the old landfill site. PEC has offered to place a pole for the siren and a retired siren in storage could be used at the location. Council approved the agreement with PEC for the electric service, which would cost about $7-8 per month once the initial setup was complete.

There was discussion about the various chimes, voice and alarm sounds and whether or not all areas of Ada could hear the sirens, since they were usually tested in the middle of the week when most people were at work away from home. Council members agreed that a full test of the warning sirens would be done at 1 p.m. Saturday unless there is the possibility of severe weather. Linton stressed that the city was promoting the policy of shelter-in-place rather than seeking public shelter. He said there are many safety issues that make public shelter impractical, including traffic congestion, inadequate parking, pets, ADA compliance, and the fact that the average warning time of 12 minutes does not afford enough time to seek safety away from home.

Linton also informed the council that the grant this year for Emergency Management Preparedness Program Funds from the State of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management in the amount of $5,000 was in the form of a contract with the state. The grant requires several components be completed in order to receive the money. Council approved accepting the grant.

Ada City Council held its regular meeting on Monday at council chambers and approved a resolution authorizing a “Bed and Breakfast’ permit at 13210 county Road 3540, inside the Ada city limits.

The council also voted to vacate a pipe line easement not used located at the new residential development at the Rose Creek Addition.

City Engineer David Hendricks explained the need to secure the engineering services contract with Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC to develop a Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) Program for the city of Ada. This program will enable the city to comply with EPA regulations in preventing sanitary services overflow. The stringent audits required by the Department of Environmental Quality put a great deal of pressure on the city to rehabilitating the existing problematic areas where the city experiences chronic blockages. The council approved the contract not to exceed $25,000.

Hendricks also reported the widening of Lonnie Abbott Industrial Boulevard was on schedule and should be open in early summer. Once the south lanes are open, traffic would be switched to the right two lanes allowing construction workers use of the third lane for safety and improvements to the heavily used north side. Hendricks reported Pine Street sewer project was making progress with connections made, but there was a lot of work to be done. The transfer station was progressing and new valves were being used to reduce water hammers which were causing line breaks. The lake study was running into some projection issues due to the city of Ada not experiencing significant population growth for a number of years.

Jose Torres, a representative from Honeywell outlined the offer of proving to the city that by installing their meters, the improved accuracy of the readings would increase the revenue from the water billing by 5to10 percent. The assessment would be done at no charge if the results did not indicate the expected improved accuracy. Should the city decide to replace the meters with Honeywell equipment, the turnkey job wherein all meters are installed, training provided, and software implemented would enable the city to do drive by readings of meters. Each meter would have its own bar code to ensure accurate billing. Also, Torres suggested the improved meter system would possibly mean that billing could switch from every two months to monthly improving the cash flow to the city.

A purchase of a 300 kilowatt generator for $53,600 from Cummins Souther Plains in Oklahoma City was approved to be installed on water well number 3, in action during the Ada Public Works Authority meeting.

Mayor Donna York announced that Blake Shelton would be in Ada giving a benefit concert for victims of wild fires May 15-16 at the Kerr Activity Center.