ADA — Arrow Energy Inc., south of Stonewall, was burglarized on Tuesday and the thieves left a small red wagon behind, according to David Collings, production superintendent.

The burglars entered the yard at the business by cutting a hole in the chain link fence. A window was broken in the shop where an airless sprayer, a chop saw, generator and several miscellaneous connections for pipes and copper items were taken. “The burglars took over $5000 worth of equipment and fittings,” said Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Arnold Scott. “The wagon left behind was old and rusty, the wheels falling off, so that’s probably why they left it behind.”

Collings told Scott he picked up several pipe connections that had been thrown over the fence. “They even borrowed our wheel barrow to help haul the stuff to the fence. They took some connections that were made of aluminum-bronze probably thinking they were copper,” Collins said.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve been burglarized,” said Collins, who has asked for extra patrol of the area. “The big complaint I have is they’re going to sell it to the junk dealers. If the dealers that buy the copper wire would take the seller’s information and photo, that might stop a lot of the thieving going on. The dealers know this stuff isn’t junk.”

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