No beer 'sold' after midnight

It was  just after 4 a.m. at Love’s in the 300 block of North Mississippi early Sunday when a man walked through the door, saying he wanted to buy more beer.

When store clerk Dekana Blackwell told the man he could not sell beer after midnight, the suspect reportedly walked to the back of the store near the beer cooler.

After the man tried unsuccessfully to persuade Blackwell to sell him the beer, the man reportedly walked out of the store carrying two 30-packs of 12-ounce Bud Light cans.

Blackwell quoted the suspect as saying if Blackwell followed him, he would kick his a...

At the same time the suspect was leaving, two unidentified customers walked into the store and told Blackwell the man left in an older model Chevrolet Caprice.

The man has been positively identified, and police have videotape of the theft. However, the name of the suspect is being withheld until police make an arrest in the case.

Blackwell told patrol officer Burt Page the retail value of the beer was $42.93.



Speeding vehicle leads to arrest


A man driving too fast in the 700 block of Mississippi at 7 a.m. Saturday drew the attention of police.

After following a northbound silver Nissan, patrol officer Brad Rhoads activated his emergency equipment and pulled the driver over. By that time, the vehicle had turned west onto 12th Street.

The driver, Garrett Gonderman, 35, had trouble producing his driver’s license and told Rhoads he wasn’t sure if the recently purchased Nissan had insurance papers in the car.

It did not have, according to reports

Rhoads reported smelling alcohol inside the vehicle and asked Gonderman to exit the car.

After a series of sobriety tests which Gonderman reportedly failed and after a blood alcohol test of 0.176, nearly twice the legal limit, Rhoads arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence.

While Gonderman awaited transport, Rhoads began speaking to the front seat passenger, Clayton Ward, who admitted to the officer he had consumed several drinks.

Ward also struggled through the sobriety test and was arrested for public intoxication, according to the police report. 

A third passenger, Zachary Vogt, seated in the back, allowed he had consumed a couple of drinks. Vogt also had trouble with a sobriety test. He too was arrested for public intoxication.

A separate test, the Oklahoma Implied Consent Test Request, was given to Gonderman at the Pontotoc County Justice Center.

After Rhoads administered the Intoxilyzer 8,000, Gonderman's blood alcohol reportedly measured 0.16 with an 0.18 BAC.


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