ADA — Judge Thomas Landrith will begin jury selection Tuesday, Nov. 28 for the trial of Faye Francis Sliger, arrested Sept. 27, 2005 on a charge for suspicion of first degree murder for his alleged involvement in the abduction and murder of Caitlin Elizabeth Wooten, and suicide of her killer, Jerry Don Savage.

Civil litigation to freeze Sliger’s assets filed by Van and Donna Wooten, co-personal representatives of the estate of Caitlin Wooten, shortly after her death are pending the outcome of the murder trial court proceedings. A court motion filed by Judge Landrith on Oct. 11 authorized Tammy Prentice to pay half of the attorney fees deemed reasonable for representing Sliger in the murder case from his assets valued at $270,000. Prentice is the current court appointed receiver for Sliger’s asset administration.

Two of Sliger’s properties at 727 Latta Road and 529 Latta Road were released from the injunction against tranferring assets and approved for sale to the Chickasaw Nation for $250,000 in September.

According to court records, Sliger allegedly engaged in phone conversations with Savage after Wooten's abduction and Amber Alert was issued, but failed to notify law enforcement of his knowledge. Since his arrest, Sliger has been held in the county jail without bond awaiting trial. The district attorney’s office complied with the state’s statutes to provide the defense with discovery in delivering and filing the Notice and Record to Council. According to the document, Caitlin Wooten died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head and had other injuries the medical examiner will testify to at trial. FBI agents Craig Overby, Alan Carpenter and James Dawson, OSBI agent Gary Perkinson, Ada Assistant Police Chief Carl Allen and Pontotoc County Undersheriff Joe Glover, are all listed as having been present in one or more interviews with Sliger to determine his knowledge of Savage’s actions and conversations, and are listed in the document as witnesses prepared to testify among others.