ADA — The recent shooting of an East Central University student looks to have been the work of a trio of young teen-age boys, according to Bert Miller, ECU Chief of Police.

"All of the people we have interviewed are leading me to believe that we are dealing with high school-aged kids," Miller said. "They were all identified as being extremely young: younger than a college-aged student."

According to Miller, on Tuesday evening an unidentified ECU student was standing on the sidewalk in front of the Tiger Commons East apartment complex when his leg was grazed by a bullet fired by the suspects from a passing vehicle. Campus police found the 9-mm bullet casings in the vicinity of the shooting. Miller said the victim didn't know the person who shot at him.

"I'm pretty confident that it wasn't a random act," he said. "We're boiling it down, little by little, and are starting to get more of the picture."

So far, security has been heightened on campus due to the incident.

"We're going to concentrate security down there," he said. "Our presence is going to be seen throughout. Of course we work with the Ada Police Department all the time, and our security is really tight."

According to Miller, the possibility of the suspects being ECU students are slim.

"All indications we're getting is that the shooter isn't even an ECU student," he said. "Most of these college students they know — since it's a small campus — they know who's who."

Since the incident occurred, Miller has increased his presence around campus and has spoken with several students about the issue.

"I stayed down there last night, just to walk around and to make sure everyone was okay," he said. "I talked to students and they said they felt safe and that reassured me."

Any information regarding the shooting should be directed to Miller at (580) 332-3875.