WEWOKA — The formal sentencing originally scheduled for today in the case of the Konawa teenager who pleaded guilty in November to murder has been postponed due to the presentence investigation lacking completion at this time.

The 19-year-old Konawa teen, Sonny Jase Collinsworth, pleaded guilty Nov. 15 to murder and robbery charges for the Aug. 19, 2004 slaying of 61-year-old Silas Price Jr, a popular Konawa butcher.

According to District Attorney Bill Peterson, Collinsworth's sentencing has been postponed and a new date has not been determined at this time.

According to Title 22 of the Oklahoma State Statutes, "Whenever a person is convicted of a violent felony offense the court shall, before imposing the sentence, require a presentence investigation be made of the offender by the Department of Corrections."

The statute says the investigation should include a statement from each victim of the offense concerning “the nature and impact of the offense on the victim and the victim's family, the amount of loss suffered by the victim as a result of the crime, and the offender's age, marital status, living arrangements, financial obligations, income, family history, education, prior juvenile and criminal records, associations with other persons convicted of a felony offense, social history, indications of a predisposition to violence or substance abuse, remorse or guilt about the offense or the victim's harm, job skills, and employment history.”

Upon completion, the Department of Corrections will submit the investigation report and punishment recommendation to the court, at which time a new sentencing date should be set.