ADA — District 22 State Representative Wes Hilliard discussed proposed legislation Friday that could mean a section of the Chickasaw Turnpike will soon become a state highway.

Hilliard's House Bill 2388 reads, "The Department of Transportation may accept the transfer of all or part of the roadway and any appurtenances thereto known as the Chickasaw Turnpike."

Hilliard said the bill basically gives the Turnpike Authority the authority to transfer all or portions of the turnpike to O.D.O.T.

Hilliard said the bill deals primarily with a four mile section of the turnpike in Sulphur that stretches through town between S.H. 7 to U.S. 177. This particular portion of the turnpike has become heavily congested, bearing the load of up to 200 trucks per day, he said.

The transfer would allow an alternative free route and would connect the west and north sides of Sulphur.

"This section runs right in front of the high school and several businesses," Hilliard said. "The transfer would create a truck route around Sulphur on the north side."

Hilliard said at a public meeting held in December that no opposition to the proposal was expressed.

"Everything has been very positive so far," he said.

"There are several issues that have to be approved first before O.D.O.T. can take over."

The bill will be considered in the upcoming legislative session.

Hilliard made his remarks at the Ada Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative breakfast.