Scouting Around

Congratulations are in order for 17 young men of Boy Scout Troop 13, and one even younger man from Cub Scout Pack 13, upon their completion of the Horsemanship Merit Badge! 

 Jackson Cook, Mitchell Stuehrenberg, Kayson Miller, Canaan Emrich, Sam Carper, Troy Linton, Hunter Carper, Ben Rhodes, Keith Danielson, Lincoln Estes, Caleb Emrich, Cameron Ivan, Brady Johnson, Jacob Emrich, Titus Carper, Boomer Hoover, and Sean Ivan, pictured left to right above, along with Bryson Buxton, Scoutmaster Nate Carper and several assistant scoutmasters, had a wonderful time camping at the Leap O’ Faith Therapeutic Riding Center last Friday night, followed by a phenomenal day of riding and learning all about those majestic animals. 

 We at Troop 13 are sincerely grateful for the hospitality of Shan and Kathi Scroggins at Leap O’Faith, and for all the hard work of their wonderful volunteers: Harriett, John, Shana, Stephanie and Timothy. We had a wonderful time and look forward to helping pay back the care and generosity we received with some service projects soon.  

If anyone reading this is looking for more information about this wonderful riding center, check out If you are looking for more information on how to join in all the fun at Cub Scout Pack 13 or Boy Scout Troop 13, drop me a line at or (580) 380-1415.

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