Members of Ada City Council discussed priorities for the proposed one cent sales tax extension at a Wednesday morning meeting.

“At the last meeting, council voted to hold an election for a one cent sales tax on Aug. 24,” City Manager David Hathcoat said.

He said a draft for the proposed use of the sales tax would include construction of a fire station, police station, 911 central dispatch and sports complex in phase one.  Phase two would consist of an engineering study and design of a raw water line.  The purchase of street lights and central lights for the downtown area would be included in phase three, remodeling and refurbishing of City Hall and other city facilities would be in phase four and phase five would include other capital improvements approved by the city council.

“The intent is to make sure everybody knows exactly what they’re voting for,” Hathcoat said.

Bill Oglesby of Municipal Finance Services in Edmond said the proposed phases could be undertaken simultaneously or in whatever order council chose.  He said money raised by the sales tax is projected to be enough to undertake the proposed projects.

“We feel confident that we can accomplish all of these goals,” Oglesby said.

Councilman Dick Scalf expressed concern that the proposal only included the engineering study and design of a raw water line and not construction of the line.  He said he would also like to see the money used to buy water rights.

“Does this mean we’re going to have to raise water rates to do those things down the line?” he said.  “If we are, I think we need to make people aware that that’s coming down the line.”

Councilman Shane Sweeney said the engineering study for the water line was simply to initiate the process.

“I don’t want folks to think that we’re solving water problems with this study in the process but I think it’s the first step in the process,” he said.

Oglesby said the draft of the proposed sales tax’s usage was not binding, it was simply a resolution to let people know what council’s intentions are.

The draft of priorities was unanimously approved by council.

Council voted to make the Ada Youth Academy Committee a public trust, allow Young Professionals of Ada to hold a benefit softball tournament in Matthews Park for the Ada Boys and Girls Club, and approve a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the city of Ada and the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge No. 111.  Among other items acted on and discussed at the meeting was the adoption of city employee group life insurance plan, and allowing Chickasaw Nation Executive Department and Division of Administrative Services right-of-way permit for connecting fiber optic cables.  Council also voted to table discussion and action on the speed limit in front of Homer Elementary School on North Monte Vista.

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