ADA—Chris Ross, top assistant district attorney for Pontotoc, Seminole and Hughes Counties said he is looking forward to the task ahead of him.

District Attorney Bill Peterson announced his retirement in November. Governor Brad Henry had to appoint someone to the position. Assistant District Attorney Chris Ross was that man. Ross will begin his duties as district attorney Jan. 1.

“I am both honored and humbled by this appointment,” Ross said. “The tasks ahead will be different than those I faced as an assistant district attorney.

“However, I do not face these alone. I am fortunate to have a dedicated, experienced staff.”

Ross said the staff includes four assistant district attorneys, each having over 20 years of experience as prosecutors.

“We live in an area where the vast majority of people are respectable and law abiding. The communities in Pontotoc, Seminole and Hughes Counties have law enforcement officers that are devoting their lives to keeping our citizens safe.

“Armed with these assets, I look forward to my new duties and I will devote my time and ability, as well as the resources of this office, to serve the citizens in all three counties in our district,” Ross continued. “Although I have prosecuted cases in all three counties, I am now ready to become more acquainted with the citizens of the communities in our district and to learn their concerns.”

Ross graduated from University of Oklahoma in 1979 and obtained his law degree in 1982 from OU. Ross began as assistant district attorney for the 22nd District in 1982. During his time with the office, he established the drug asset forfeiture program for the 22nd District and was the director of the Multi-County Presently, Ross serves as Drug Court prosecutor and is supervisor of District 22 Narcotics and Violent Crimes Task Force. He was named First Assistant District Attorney in June 2007.

“I would like to thank Governor Brad Henry and his staff for the professionalism and courtesy they exhibited during this process,” Ross said about his appointment. “I would also like to thank the many people who supported me, most importantly my wife and family.”

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