Roff’s mayor and a council member’s verbal confrontation almost came to blows in front of Roff Town Hall before a meeting was cancelled Monday.

The near-fight erupted when Councilor Ed Tingle alleged he did not receive minutes from the previous month’s meeting.  Tingle also claimed the meeting was illegal and should have been held on July 5, the day after Independence Day, rather than the following Monday.

Tingle alleged Mayor Todd McCaskill was not doing his job.  After heated words were exchanged, McCaskill said, “If you want to go outside and argue, let’s go outside.”

Tingle and McCaskill then went outside and began yelling at one another.  Roff Police officers separated the two.

“If he wants to fight just let him kick the (expletive deleted) out of a 70-year-old man,” Tingle said.

McCaskill retrieved his belongings from inside town hall and left.  Roff Police Chief Glen Bohannon said the incident was a disruption and suggested cancelling the meeting to allow members to cool down.

“It’s an illegal meeting anyway because the normal scheduled meeting was for July 5,” Tingle said.  “The minutes of the last meeting have not even been filed yet so anything that was done last meeting is void.”

“If there was one thing we said we were going to do here, it was hold civil meetings,” said Vice Mayor Lyle Hedges.  “Ed, I don’t know what your deal is but we determined before the last meeting that (the regularly scheduled meeting) was not going to be on July 5 but on July 11.”

After discussion with the town attorney, Hedges called the meeting to order in McCaskill’s absence.

After roll call, Hedges made a motion to adjourn the meeting and hold it at a later date.  The motion passed unanimously.