A settlement was reached Thursday in a lawsuit filed against the town of Roff by the town’s clerk.

Janice Gimlin, Roff clerk/treasurer, confirmed Friday the lawsuit was settled but said both sides agreed not to release details of the settlement to the media. 

She did say she is still the town’s clerk/treasurer.

Gimlin filed the “ Writ of Mandamus” in May against Roff town council and board of trustees after she was ousted from a town meeting by Mayor Bob Penrod.

Gimlin said the council did not have the authority to interfere with the duties of an elected official.

“I’m an elected official and my duties are set by statute,” Gimlin told Ada Evening News in June. 

“They’re trampling all over the Oklahoma constitution by kicking me out of there, taking my keys away and taking my duties away. They don’t have that power.”

At the April town hall meeting, Penrod made a motion that Gimlin be indefinitely suspended without pay until she wrote a letter of apology. Penrod called the lawsuit, “frivolous.”

“All she’s got to do to get back to where she was at is apologize,” he said.

In the suit, Gimlin was asking for town hall keys, the ability to perform her duties as town clerk/treasurer, her $650 salary for any months she may miss until the matter can be clarified, $950 in attorney fees, and costs associated with the action.

On Friday, a spokesperson for Kurt Sweeney, Gimlin’s attorney, said he would not comment on the settlement. Roff Mayor Bob Penrod also had no comment.

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