By Justin Lofton

Staff Writer

ROFF—Roff town councilors discussed nominating a town safety coordinator at a Monday evening council meeting but ultimately failed to agree on a course of action or candidate.

“The Department of Labor came in a few months ago and went over our written safety program or, should I say, lack of written safety program.  We were non-compliant on 22 issues,” Mark Henderson, city employee, said.  Henderson said one of the issues in question was the lack of a safety coordinator.

Mayor Bob Penrod nominated Henderson but some councilors were unsure as to whether Henderson was taking on too much responsibility.

“I think he’s got too many duties as it is,” McCaskill, council member, said.

McCaskill also expressed concern that the new coordinator would override Roff’s volunteer fire department’s safety coordinator.  Penrod and Henderson said Roff’s fire department is technically considered part of the municipality because the budget is controlled by town council.

Henderson said the Department of Labor needed to know Roff’s safety coordinator by Dec. 7.

“This is something the Department of Labor needs to know tomorrow,” Henderson said.

Councilor Mitchell Smith said he shared some of McCaskill’s concerns.

“I understand the seriousness with the Department of Labor,” Smith said.  “If you’re going to present something like that to the council, we should have maybe a document from the Department of Labor saying we need to have somebody signed by tomorrow.”

Councilor Ed Tingle seconded Penrod’s nomination of Henderson.  Councilors McCaskill, Smith and Angie Hyatt abstained from voting and the motion failed.

“I abstain, which is the same as a ‘no’ vote if you look it up,” McCaskill said.

Councilors voted to approve next year’s elections for two of council’s wards.

Councilors also unanimously voted a $1 per hour raise for the town’s court clerk and approved a $100 Christmas bonus for all town employees.


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