Roff Mayor Todd McCaskill said town councilors voted to terminate the employment of new police chief, David Thomas, at a special meeting on Friday.

Glen Bohannon, the city’s former police chief, was reinstated.  Bohannon was dismissed in February over allegations of misconduct.

Thomas claims the action was illegal because his employment was not discussed in executive session and was not on the agenda.

McCaskill said the item was on the agenda and, according to the city attorney, did not have to be discussed in executive session.

“I arrested a city council member for a criminal offense,” Thomas said.  “He turned around that very afternoon and scheduled a special meeting.”  He said that member was McCaskill and he was arrested for driving with a revoked license.

“I’m a little disturbed how it went down but I’m kind of used to the type of things that have been going on over there lately,” he said.

McCaskill said he abstained from voting on termination of Thomas’ employment because of the incident.

“(The arrest) had nothing to do with the decision,” McCaskill said.  McCaskill alleges his arrest was orchestrated to make him look bad.

He said he’s had complaints on the new chief.

McCaskill was chosen as the new mayor and Lyle Hedges was chosen vice mayor at the meeting.

Thomas said he is pursuing legal action.

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