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A sign on Lakewood Drive proclaims opposition to the proposed rezoning in that neighborhood.

Justin Lofton
Ada Evening News

An Ada businessman’s attempt to rezone 30 acres near Lakewood Golf Course has met resistance in the form of a mysterious sign saying, “Neighbors Against Rezoning.”

Brian Van Horn said he’s attempting to develop rental property for people 55 and older to live near the golf course.

“I own 30 plus acres out there around the golf course and I’m trying to develop it to put town homes in to rent for people who want to live on the golf course,” Van Horn said.

Van Horn said he doesn’t know who put up the sign but he has spoken with a resident who didn’t want the rezoning done.  He said he’s only rezoning the area of land that he owns.

“Everybody has a right to zone or rezone if you own the property,” he said.  “I’ve even offered to let (the resident) buy the property.”

Cari Denson of Neighbors Against Rezoning said the rezoning would have several negative effects on the area, including increased traffic and decreased property values.

“If there were three dozen apartments, there could be anywhere from 36 to 72 plus additional cars driving on our road with no outlet,” Denson said.  

“There are several families with small children in the area and bike rides (or walks) on the road would soon be a thing of the past.”

She said she and her family moved to their home in Lakewood to find a mix of suburban and rural living and the proposed rezoning would change that.

“I have yet to see an apartment complex in a similar sized community put in a neighborhood with similar sized homes add value to their property.  I think it is extremely unfair for the neighborhood to take a financial ‘hit’ on their property value so that the developer may make a financial gain,” she said.

Denson said she’s spoken to other residents who are against the rezoning and has a petition against the rezoning signed by at least one property owner of every occupied home.

Roger Abbott of Ada Planning and Zoning said the Lakewood rezoning was initially on the agenda for October but was tabled until the next meeting, Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. at Ada City Council Chambers.

“We had to table it one time because we want to do it right.  We want people to know that I’m not taking away any homes,” Van Horn said.  “I think Ada needs 55 and older town homes for people.”

Van Horn said he’s involved in developing other properties around the Ada area, as well.

“I think they’re making a big deal out of nothing,” he said.


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