By Renee' Rackley

Staff writer

ADA — 2005 made a memorable mark in history and showed us all a few things. We witnessed for the first time the devastating result of 13 hurricanes in one season. We observed Martha Stewart's release from prison, Michael Jackson's second acquittal, Prince Charles' second wedding, the beginnings of Saddam Hussein's trial, and heard of President Bush's Snoopgate.

2005 marked the marital split between Hollywood's hottest couples Brad and Jenn and Nick and Jessica and educated us on Tom Cruise's expertise in psychiatry.

We mournfully said goodbye to Pope John Paul II, Richard Pryor, Rosa Parks, Nipsy Russell, Johnnie Cochran, Arthur Miller, Johnny Carson, Sandra Dee, Prince Ranier III, Luther Vandross, Peter Jennings, and many others.

Along with saying goodbye to many memorable people and a very eventful year, some Ada residents make predictions on what can be expected in 2006.

Tyrone Frazier predicts in 2006, 45-year-old death row inmate Glen Dale Gore will again be found guilty of the 1982 murder of Debra Sue Carter.

In August, the Court of Criminal Appeals reversed Gore's death sentence and remanded it back to District Court for a new trial.

"Gore will be found guilty on all counts and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole." Frazier doesn't think Gore will receive the death penalty again.

Although the court is anticipating a March trial, Frazier believes the re-trial won't actually take place until April.

Frazier said he feels connected to this case because he personally knew Gore's first victim of the 1987 kidnapping. "The victim was my next door neighbor," he said.

Ada Fire Fighter Joe Allen believes 2006 will be a promising year for Coach Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

"The Sooners are going to the National Championship," he said. But added, "That depends on whether or not Vince Young goes pro that year. If he doesn't, and stays at Texas, then that will be the Sooners only loss for the season."

The six feet five inch, 233 pound, Longhorns quarterback threw 241 yards and ran 45 yards against Oklahoma in 2005, leading his team to a 45-12 victory.

Michael Freeland of AEN, predicts "if American troops are pulled from Iraq by April, which is what I've heard, then you will see more bombings on embassies which will be left much more vulnerable with troops gone."

On a lighter note, Freeland said, "I can't wait to see how they are going to plan the Mars landing scheduled for 2006 or 2007. That will be interesting to see."

Freeland also had thoughts on the upcoming Baseball season. "Yankees will win, Boston will lose," he said jokingly. "I'm ruthless about my baseball."

Ada native, Marine Pfc. Jeff Badoy said of troops in Iraq, "We're still going to be there and North Korea is going to try to pull something because our attention is all focused on Iraq."

Badoy said, "Its not likely we'll find Bin Laden. I doubt he is even in Afghanistan now."

Badoy is currently home on leave for the holidays. He returns Jan. 3 to Missouri for two weeks then to a location he has not yet been made aware of.

He said, "Terrorism will still continue, we can only suppress it, we can't stop it."

Carol Crews believes the 2006 hurricane season will be even more devastating than that of 2005 but in court she expects to see Saddam Hussein and Glen Gore found guilty.

In the sports world, Crews said the Sooners "may not be the National Champions but will definitely be the Big 12 champions and the Flex-N-Gate Trailblazers, 12 and under softball team will win state."

Of course no one really knows what can be expected of 2006 but if the year of the dog is as eventful as it predecessor, everyone should anticipate a memorable time.

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