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A badly damaged mobile home sits idle along County Road 3530 nearly a month after it broke down while being moved illegaly. Nearby residents say it is dangerous and want county officials to do something about it. (Photo by Randy Mitchell)

A broken down mobile home on a county road is causing a stir for nearby residents.

The mobile home was illegally moved during the overnight hours June 27 and it broke down on County Road 3530, according to law enforcement.

Sheriff John Christian said the trailer was completely loaded with furniture and other items which caused the frame to bend and an axle to break.

A sheriff’s deputy responded to the incident but all involved were nowhere to be found, Christian said.

Deputies had no way to move it so it stayed.

Chrystal Hall, whose driveway ends where the trailer is parked, said she just wants it moved before it causes a wreck.

“My complaint is that this is very dangerous and all the ‘powers that be’ have shunned their responsibilities of getting it removed in a reasonable time,” Hall said. “School will be starting soon and there are three buses that go up and down that road.”

She is hoping it will be moved before then.

Christian believes it will fall upon county commissioners to destroy and remove the 60-foot-long trailer since it is on a county road.

“More than likely, the county commissioner is going to have to go in with dump trucks, tear it down and haul it off because it’s not moveable,” Christian said.

“The commissioner will have to figure out a plan on how, along with my department, we’re going to get that thing moved off the roadway.”

Christian said the owner has made several trips to the trailer to remove items. He said the owner could face misdemeanor charges for moving the trailer without permits or a tag.

“The move was totally illegal,” Christian said. “They failed to pay taxes on it and you have to have a permit to move a wide load on the roadway and there are certain hours that you can move a wide load and one o’clock in the morning is certainly not in that time period.”

He said the situation is still under investigation and is not releasing the names of the owner or her boyfriend who he said authorities believe borrowed a semi from an employer to move the trailer.

Christian said the owner will have to reimburse the county for any costs associated with the removal of the trailer.

“If it costs the county $10,000, then she’ll have to pay $10,000,” Christian said.

County commissioners could not be reached by press time.

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