ADA — Local emergency personnel are encouraging Ada residents to come forward and participate in a multi-hazard mitigation plan designed to protect the community form natural and man-made hazards.

A public meeting has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 12, at Ada City Hall. This meeting will allow any local resident an opportunity to provide input into the mitigation plan.

The plan’s purpose is to identify and asses the hazards that post a threat to Ada and its surrounding areas, evaluate current mitigation measures, identify any additional mitigation measures and outline a strategy from implementation of mitigation projects.

“The idea is to create a more disaster-resistant community and improve the safety and well-being of the residents of this area,” said Gene Linton, city of Ada public safety director. “We hope that residents will come forward at the meeting in December with their thoughts and comments. After all, this plan is designed to protect them.”

Area emergency officials have been working on the multi-hazard mitigation plan for close to a year now and have identified 15 potential hazardous to the community. Those include floods, tornadoes, high winds, lightning, hail, severe winter storms, extreme heat, drought, expansive soils, urban fires, wildfires, earthquakes, hazardous materials events, dam failures and transportation.

The plan is being formulated under the guidance of R.D. Flanagan and Associates, a Tulsa consulting firm specializing in hazard mitigation plans.

“We have been meeting each month and making great progress in identifying what hazards are out there and how we need to respond to each one,” Linton said. Although every emergency service is represented in this process, it is just as important to involve members of the public.”

Once the plane is finalized — after public input — it will be submitted to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and FEMA or review.

For more information on the multi-hazard mitigation plan in advance of the public meeting, contact Linton at (580) 436-8015.