Ada’s Wal-Mart SuperCenter associate Daniel Jarrett recently found more than he bargained for when he checked the store’s fresh lobster tank. He said one of the lobsters looked “somewhat odd.” On further inspection, Jarrett said the “odd” proved to be the equivalent of “pregnant.” Unknown to have ever happened at a Wal-Mart seafood center or in captivity, Jarrett said the discovery of lobster eggs “gives pause to the term ‘fresh’ when you start hatching your own.” The nine to 11 months it will take for the eggs, or roe, to turn into baby lobsters will be occurring in a wildlife habitat that the pregnant lobster and a “friend” will be Fed-Exed to today. Jarrett said Wal-Mart SuperCenter is not equipped with a “lobster incubator,” however he said the Ada store can now claim to be “the freshest seafood” market almost anywhere in the United States. (Photos courtesy of Daniel Jarrett/Wal-Mart SuperCenter)