ADA — Church congregations in the Ada area Sunday had one more blessing for which to be thankful – much needed rain that, after so long a drought, almost seemed a minor miracle to some. Ada was impacted by the northern edge of a system that came northeast up from Dallas to Fort Smith, Ark.

The official National Weather Service recording of precipitation for Ada totaled 0.23 inches of the wet stuff. How much good this amount did depends on whom you ask. And not all parts of the extended area received even this little bit of precipitation. Justin McDaniel, OSU extension agent and Konawa resident said he wishes his area could have gotten more. “To tell you the truth, we only got a mist, sort of like turning on your water hose sprinkler and then turning it off again quickly,” McDaniel said.

Lori Harrington, who lives four miles west of Allen, said precipitation Sunday where she lives only moistened the ground. “I think Allen got more,” she said. “There, water was running in the street.”

Keith Warren of Allen said he registered 0.40 of an inch and is optimistic his area will see more this week. “The Good Lord remembered us,” Warren said. “This rain did a lot of good settling the dust and raising spirits. It helped the fire danger yesterday and this week I’m expecting more rain.”

Dwain Tate of Atwood said his rain gauge registered 0.40 of an inch. “It’s a good start, but we need more,” he said. Tate operates a fish farm and depends on rain to replenish his ponds. “Naturally we want more, and I am optimistic we’ll get it. We thank the Lord for what we got.”

Roger Stinchcomb, a rancher located just north of Fittstown, said he got 0.45 inches of rain in his gauge. “It came real slow and every bit of it soaked in,” he said. “It really helped with the fire danger. The way this system came through makes me feel like the (weather) patterns are changing.”

J.D. McNutt of Byng said he got nearly a half inch but it was not nearly enough. “We’ve got ponds that are going dry,” he said. “What we need is a slow three to four inches.” McNutt said he went to McAlester Sunday and that area got more than an inch.

Dr. Joe Troska lives south of Ada at CR 1580 and Hwy 99 and said his immediate area received 0.25 to 0.30 of moisture. “It was a nice, slow rain, but not enough to any good here,” he said. “I can’t leave (my property) without worrying about getting burned. We have a lot of grass here and we’ve had a lot of wind. It doesn’t take much to get the flames going.”

Rancher/farmer Joe West of Francis said he didn’t get a lot of rain but is thankful for what he got. “We recorded 0.30 of an inch. West said the moisture did not break the dry spell. “It didn’t break the drought by any means. I’m not optimistic we’re going to get much more in next couple of days. This is the worst year I’ve seen since the 1930s,” he said.

The National Weather Service is reporting the next chances of rain for the area is Thursday.

Last year on this date Ada had recorded 4.38 inches of precipitation. Sunday’s rain still leaves the area more than 4 inches below 2005.