ADA – As much as six inches of rain hammered Pontotoc County Monday morning, causing widespread flash flooding that left motorists stranded and swept one vehicle off a low-water crossing.

Heavy rain fell for more than three hours during the deluge, with Ada officially receiving 5.15 inches of rain and some areas of the county receiving more than six inches. City of Ada Emergency Management Director Chad Letellier aid the most serious damage was to county roads, especially low-water crossings and older bridges.

“It was a bad situation, and it could have been a lot worse,” Letellier said. “We were so fortunate that no one was injured or killed, and that the damage was not more significant.

“Other than some county roads and bridges that will require a lot of work, I think we came out pretty good.”

Pontotoc County Undersheriff Joe Glover said it was “a miracle” that three area residents were unharmed after their vehicle was swept off a county road southeast of Ada. One of those in the vehicle, Carol Pollard, was treated for minor injuries after the incident.

“They came to the low-water crossing on the State Highway 99 detour during some of the worst flooding,” Glover said. “They thought they could make it across, and didn’t.”

“The pickup was swept off the crossing and then carried through water that was about 15 feet deep for a good three hundred yards before they somehow managed to get out of the vehicle and get to safety,” Glover said. “Emergency crews responded pretty well, but it really is amazing that there was no loss of life.”

District 3 County Commissioner Winford Wood said it will take the crews nearly a week to assess the damage the flood caused to county roads.

“We just have a lot of work to do,” Wood said.

He said many county roads are not only damaged, but impassable.

“We will have roads that will be closed for almost a week because of the water on the roadway that we figure will not go down for about a week,” said Wood. “And this type of damage is not just in my district, but in the other two as well.”

In District 3, County Road 3500 in the Fitzhugh area lost a bridge that was over Blue River.

The detour on Highway 99 toward Fittstown is also closed because high waters near a low-level slab in the road.

“ODoT was out last night redirecting traffic down other routes,” Wood said.

Even though the sudden storm flooded the Wintersmith Park Area not much damage was done by the rising lake water.

“I think there was some run-off clean up that had to be done, but other than that I don’t think there was much damage done,” said city of Ada Public Information Officer Mark Bratcher.

According to Gene Linton, city of Ada Emergency Management Director, Ada received 4.64 inches of rain in less than three hours.

The total amount of rain the fell Monday was 5.16 inches.

“This is a very unique event to have this volume of rain fall in this span of time,” Linton said

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