ADA — East Central University President Dr. Richard Rafes led a town hall meeting Tuesday evening, discussing plans to come within a 10-year-period for both ECU and Ada’s main street.

“We want to be known throughout the nation and the state as Oklahoma’s Premier Student Center University,” Rafes said. “Our accent, our focus, is students.”

Rafes said ECU will work with Ada to build economic development, which both would benefit from. He described a potential outlook for Ada’s Main Street, with tourists traveling to and from various destinations along the street, such as art galleries and cultural activities, via trolleys.

“Is that beyond the realm of the possibility of 10 years? I’m going to tell you not at all,” he said. “We have received a planning grant for $219,000, and that planning grant has in it, all the compositions, all the ideas, all the ways in which this can be done, if the community can be pulled together to do this type of thing.”

After Rafes finished with his sideshow presentation highlighting Ada and ECU, area residents were then able to make suggestions on how to improve the university, and how it may become beneficial to everyone in the community.

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