ADA — Currently in the State of Oklahoma, the average age of most heavy equipment operators is 55. There is great need for heavy equipment operators all over the State, and this need is expected to rise in the next few years. Ada has issued 74 building permits in the first four months of 2006 representing over $10 million dollars in building and improvements.

Pontotoc Technology Center School Board recently approved a new program, Heavy Equipment Operator, which will start in the fall of 2006. The staff at Pontotoc Technology Center researched the heavy equipment program and found there is a need in our community for heavy equipment operators, and the salary earned upon completion is good for this area. In addition, the heavy equipment program is a unique program offered to this area.

Upon completion, the students will be certified to operate each specific piece of equipment. Initially, the equipment used in this program will included two backhoes, one excavator, and one dozer. The students will be certified by the National Center for Construction Education and Research. Completers will also have Dozer Certification from the State Department of Career Tech and will have their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) license.

Pontotoc Technology Center is pleased to offer this program. The program will be available to high school students and adults. The program will be limited to twelve students in both the morning and the afternoon sessions.

For information about the program, contact Linda Medlock, at (580) 310-2221.

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