ADA – Assistant District Attorney Chris Ross told Judge Thomas Landrith around 4:20 p.m. Tuesday “The prosecution rests your honor.” 

This morning the defense began calling witnesses to testify in the trial of Faye Francis Sliger, 54, Ada accused of felony murder in connection with the kidnapping of Caitlin Wooten and her subsequent murder by Jerry Don Savage on Sept. 23, 2005. 

Sliger allegedly loaned Savage his green Dodge truck which was used  to abduct Wooten from the parking lot at Ada High School as she was leaving school. Sliger is accused of having knowledge of Savage’s surveillance of Caitlin Wooten, her sister and mother Donna Wooten, as well as hampering police investigation by withholding information that might have enabled them to locate Savage and the captive teen in time to rescue her. 

Testimony was heard Tuesday from OSBI Crime Scene Agent Iris Dalley who told the court she performed a search of Sliger’s green Dodge truck, his underground house at Lightning Ridge and the wooded area behind.  Dalley found a bag of trash in the bed of the truck containing an envelope addressed to Mrs. Faye Sliger and observed a map sketched on the back, Caitlin Wooten’s car tag number, the notations ‘cheerlead’ and 5:30.  Savage’s latent finger and palm prints were found on the envelope, according to William Mahoney, an OSBI senior criminalist specializing in fingerprinting. Handwriting analyst David Parratt from Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office testified all notes on the envelope back were written by Savage.  

Dalley documented items partially spilled from a checkered paper sack located outside the underground house, some of which included fake hair used in disguises, as well as similar fake hair pieces on a bed inside and in the living room area of the house. A short dark-haired wig was found near the body of Jerry Don Savage in the woods.

Dalley took photographs and testified that security cameras were installed outside the underground house allowing someone inside to see anyone approaching the house, but did not know if any recorder was connected to the system. 

Forensic pathologists Chai Choi and Inas Yacoub from the Chief Medical Examiner’s office in Oklahoma City testified that both Savage and Wooten died from gunshot wounds to the head but could not pinpoint a time when their deaths occurred other than the general period of time Wooten was reported missing.  An autopsy revealed Wooten also had blunt force trauma to her left forearm and left leg evidenced by bruising, contusions and abrasions.

Pontotoc County Undersheriff Joe Glover testified he measured driving and walking distances and times for travel between Ada High School, the underground property at Lightning Ridge, the Latta shop belonging to Sliger, the Ada Travel Stop, Karen Dial’s home, the pay phones at the corner of 16th and Mississippi and Jarod Savage’s home.  He only gave results for the most direct route between the locations, admitting there were many alternate routes and factors that could change the results.  Glover also admitted a mistake was made at the preliminary hearing when he testified that Sliger had erased several logged calls from his cell phone.  During his testing of a similar phone he found that the device only retained the last 20 numbers called.

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