After serving and helping Chickasaw people for the past 13 years in various positions with the Chickasaw Nation, Norma Jean Cravatt-Prince has decided to try and help in another way: through the Chickasaw Legislature.

“Most of my life has been involved with serving others, especially the Chickasaw people,” Prince said. “I will listen to what the Chickasaw people have to say and put their words into action. I’m not a doctor, lawyer or teacher, but I know the needs of the Chickasaw people. I will not give back my salary but will work hard for my salary. I have been out there and I have always been Chickasaw.”

Prince began her career with the Chickasaw Nation as a cook and worked her way up to a community health representative. After 2001, she did general assistance.

“I've been out in the field for almost as long as I've worked for the Chickasaw Nation,” she said. “I've been in the grass roots program to see the people on a daily basis. There's always help for the low-income, but sometimes the middle-class people may not get the help they might need at that time. I think a lot of the time like home repairs and things like that should be on a case-by-case basis.”

Prince would also like to see term-limits set on every elected position.

“I think that after a while they get in and get to be stagnant and begin to take things for granted, and they're just not as interested as helping as when they first were in there,” she said.

Prince was born and raised in Pontotoc, and is the daughter of Gladys (Baby) Oleta Cravatt and Bill Tate. “I am the granddaughter of original enrollee the late Fred and Leona (Okie Mama) Cravatt,” she said. “My husband, Sonny, and I currently live on my family’s allotted land where I was raised by my grandparents.”

Prince graduated from Pontotoc High School and later attended Tulsa Vo-tech. She has completed CHR trainings at OSU and continuing education classes while at the Chickasaw Nation. She was a member and president of the Connerville Chickasaw Community Council in 1995 and on the National CHR board. She was named CHR of the year in 1994 and received the Governor’s Outstanding Employee Award in 1995. Prince is a member of Blue Baptist Church, Connerville.

“The Chickasaw people have benefitted by programs established in education, health care, elders, housing, youth and family services and many other programs,” she said. “I want to help you benefit more, inform you, the Chickasaw people, of what is available to you. I want to be your voice. I want to voice your concerns, ask your questions and seek results. I have always tried to get help for our people. The Chickasaw Nation has been good to me and I, in turn, would like to continue to serve the Chickasaw people.”

For more information regarding her campaign or views, contact Prince at 1(877)-613-2996.

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