Preceptor Delta Phi

ADA — Annette Rhoads hosted the April 11 meeting of Preceptor Delta Phi at 6 p.m. Those attending were Annette Rhoads, Bobbye Darbison, Carol Winton, Lucille Collins, Juanita Sutton, Nina Davis, Marlene Green, Juanita True and Jean Erickson.

Marlene Green read the minutes which were approved. Juanita True attended the council meeting and explained that the Founders Day banquet would be April 24 at 6:30 p.m.

Jean Erickson reported on culture and Lucille Collins read from the Grey Book on the duties of the corresponding secretary.

Juanita Sutton, president, held the election of officers for the coming year. She gave a brief description of her trip to Colorado.

The next meeting is May 9 at 6 p.m. at the home of Juanita True.

The meeting adjourned with members standing and repeating the closing mitzvah.

VVRH Auxiliary

ADA — Valley View Regional Hospital hosted an appreciation luncheon for the volunteers April 18 which was in observance of National Volunteer Week. Catharine Choate, director, opened the meeting and gave the blessing for the food. A number of the hospital regular help assisted with the serving. A hat contest was held with each person wearing a hat and a salad luncheon was served.

Choate gave the number of hours worked by volunteers and amount of money saved by the hospital. She also thanked the volunteers for all of the work they do and their attention to their jobs. Ron Webb, president, spoke about the progress of the hospital, the new services and new doctors coming in.

Winners of the hat contest for men were vocational, Leonard Briley; distinguished, Roy Watson; and craziest, Ron Webb.

Winners for women were craziest, Ruby Firsching, first, and Norma Roberts, second: vocational, Connie Watson; elegant, Shirley Boren, first, and Mary Sue Roberts, second.

A drawing was held for the geranium plants set in hats on the tables. Those winning the plants were Rozale Welch, Anita Miller, Shirley Hill, Martha Moyer, Marki Mask, Fairy Isaacs, Connie Watson, Bryna Lane, Shirley Boren, Betty Park and Mary Sue Roberts. Each person was given a small angel from the table decorations.

Those attending were Betty Neely, Shirley Hill, Nancy Duck, Georgia Stewart, Betty Park, Anne Bradford, Mary Sue Roberts, Norma Roberts, Clara Dean Doolen, Martha Moyer, Ann Scott, Wanda Privett, Ina Suydam, Mary Ruth Barnes, Janet E. Brown, Shirley Boren, Jennie Glover, Ruth Davidson, Anita Miller, Nelrose Cooper, Doris Blackburn, Bryna Lane, Ruby Firsching, Bobbie Plumlee, Linda Cutler, Janet Barrett, Fairy Isaacs, Rozale Welch, Linda Clayton, Marki Mask, Connie Watson, Roy Watson, Leonard D. Briley, Ann S. Lucas, Dena Oliphant, Jane Boomhower, Liz Klingensmith, Denise Zimmerman, Kristy Bond, Lisa Griffitts, Gina Fredman and Catharine Choate.

Diamond ‘K’ Kiwanis

ADA — Diamond “K” Kiwanis met March 28 at Ada Public Library for its regular meeting with Roy Watson presiding and leading the group in the pledge to the flag. Bob Cristelli gave the invocation. Sharon Myers introduced Dr. Bill Pennington who gave an entertaining monologue on former Governor Bill Murray. He brought out the different things he did while governor. Eighteen members were present.

Twenty-four members were present April 4 to hear Dusty Dennis speak on the results of physical therapy and equipment care. During the business meeting Tisha Merchant was present to thank the group for the help given to her while in college. She had three A’s and a B.

Twenty members were present April 11 to hear Pete Peterson speak on the problems he had encountered while being an Oklahoma State Trooper, He also spoke on the problems at the jail and what needs to be done. Following his presentation a business meeting was held. John Binkley was a visitor.

Twenty-seven members were present April 18 to hear Jeff Case from Bedré Candy Company speak on the production of the company. He gave the history of the company, how it started and where it now sells.

Following his presentation he gave each member with a sample of the different kinds of candy the company makes.

Connie Nite was a guest.