ADA — Ernestine Eubanks, Pontotoc County court clerk, has approved the publication of Pontotoc County Court Clerk records online at Publishing this data online will provide a faster and more convenient means of accessing non-confidential court records. These records can be searched by the name of parties to the case which include the named litigants, attorneys representing the litigants, as well as the judge. The records can also be searched by case number or viewing all non-confidential activity over a designated period of time. These record search capabilities make this service beneficial to a broad field of users and can be accessed at no charge. Abstractors, attorneys, creditors, landlords, and other professionals will be able to utilize this service on a regular basis.

Genealogy researchers will find this site a most valuable tool.

“Most of the marriage records for the county are accessible online going back to 1907,” Eubanks said.

The Pontotoc County Court Clerk is among 64 Oklahoma counties utilizing a court software system developed by KellPro, Inc. of Duncan, Okla. In the very near future each of these counties, with the exception of only two, will be publishing their records on the Internet. Each county can elect to have its published records updated daily or monthly. Available funding is one of the issues that prohibits each county from participating in the daily update of its published records.

The court clerk’s office is located in the County Courthouse and is charged as the record keeper for the District Court. Eubanks and her staff are responsible for an accurate daily accounting of all activities of the District Court to include receipts and disbursements of monies in each case, filings or issuances of process, courtroom activities, court dockets and so on. The computerized records from this county that will be published on the Internet date back to at least Feb. 1, 1997. Some of the records available for your inspection in the court clerk’s office or on the Internet include civil suits, divorce actions, probate matters, small claims, misdemeanor and felony charges, traffic matters, marriage and probate records to name a few.

The public record website is and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no charge to access information.