According to the Pontotoc County Court Clerk's office, two of the four suspects connected to the shooting of 17-year-old Tishomingo student Dale Catron have been charged with drug-related offenses in the past.

Amy Lee Gage, 22, Ada, was charged with conspiracy to trafficking cocaine base, trafficking cocaine base and unlawful delivery of controlled drug in October, while 26-year-old Ada resident Scotty Brooks was charged with unlawful possession of cocaine and trafficking cocaine base, among a slew of other charges this year.

Brooks will go to court Thursday for his arrest connected to the shooting.

According to Ada Police Chief Mike Miller, the police department is still in the process of interviewing people and talking to the suspects. Miller could confirm that Catron was inside the house located in the 500 block of west 14th early Saturday morning and that he was shot more than once. However, he could not confirm nor deny the rumors of whether Catron had been shot twice, once in the head and once in the chest.

“I think that, not only my police officers, but Lighthorse helped us out, the sheriff's office helped us out, you just wouldn't see a more precise and more cooperative process in something bad like this,” Carl Allen, Ada Assistant Police Chief Carl Allen said. “My tactical unit did a great job, precise in the things that they did. They took care of things. My detectives did an outstanding job to put everybody in custody before the end of the weekend, so I just wanted everybody to know in the city of Ada how good they should feel about the officers they have working for them. From the uniformed officers there at the very first of it, to detectives wrapping it up, it was just an outstanding effort.”

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