Woman who smuggled gun into jail sentenced

Two women who made national and international news when they were arrested by Ada police March 4 are still awaiting word on when they will be transferred to an Oklahoma penitentiary.

Christie Dawn Harris, 28, and Jennifer Delancy, 30, have been sentenced to 25 and 20-year prison terms respectively by District Court Judge Thomas Landrith. 

It was all part of blind plea agreements to settle multiple felonies involving drugs and guns confiscated in the March incident.

Harris, of Moore, and Delancy, of Oklahoma City, are incarcerated in the Pontotoc County Justice Center.

On March 4, they pulled into the Dairy Lou Drive Inn (located in the 100 block of North Bluff Street) at 3:44 a.m. Officers saw a vehicle parked on the west side of Dairy Lou Drive Inn, and the brake lights were on. They also saw a man standing at the tailgate of the pickup with what appeared to be some sort of power tool.

 Police wanted to know what he was doing,  and he told them some items in the pickup bed were moving around so he stopped to try and secure them.

Officer Kathy Unbewust ran a warrant check on the man, who was identified as Christopher Hutsenpillar,  and found his driver’s license flagged. She had Central Dispatch make contact with the man’s mother, Donna Walker, who  agreed to come and pick up her son and to move the vehicle. 

It was while waiting for Ms. Walker that Unbewust noticed a white Toyota Yaris sitting south of the pickup with the motor running. She approached the vehicle and saw two subjects, one in the driver’s seat and one in the front passenger seat. Both seats were laid all the way back.

That’s when she made contact with Christie Dawn Harris and front-seat passenger, Jennifer Delancy. They told her they were following Hutsenpillar when he had to stop because of vehicle problems.

Unbewust and Officer Link Logan began their questioning and searching. Not only did officers find evidence of drugs, they found weapons and drugs hidden in the  vehicle. Later Unbewust and Logan found weapons and drugs — one of which was a loaded .25 caliber revolver — hidden in Harris’ private body parts.

Unbewust removed the weapon from the woman’s body after observing the handle of the pistol during a strip search at the Justice Center.

The news quickly attracted the interest of readers and talk-show comedians far beyond Pontotoc County after it hit Facebook.

Harris was sentenced to 25 years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections  after pleading nolo contendre by Landrith’s District on June 27.

 A plea of nolo contendre means the defendant accepts there is probably enough evidence against her for a conviction but does not admit guilt to the charges.


Change may be all burglars got during break-in at repair shop

Apparently some nights in the burglar business are better than others.

During the night Wednesday, a burglar broke into Rice Small Engine Repair at 214 W. 8th.

The burglar tampered with two vehicles, but according to proprietor Billy Rice, it didn’t appear he got away with a lot for his efforts.

Rice said it appeared a Nissan pickup truck that had been parked on the north side of the business had been moved. The burglar, it appeared, had placed a screw driver in the ignition. 

The truck had then been backed into the alley.

A second vehicle, a Chevy pickup, was parked inside the gated lot and was also unlocked.

An ash tray was lying on the seat and appeared to have been tampered with.

Rice told Ada police officer Kylor Pool the tray had  contained some loose coins  that were now missing. 

Anything else?

For now, that’s all Rice has missed. 

However, the tray was taken by the officer and it will be examined for finger prints.


Police investigates burglary of two vehicles

Brandon McClellan woke up last Sunday and found both of his cars had been burglarized during the night.

Items missing from those vehicles included an RCA portable dvd player with cords; Under Armour flip flops and a baseball theme embroidered diaper bag with the name Carson on it.

After leaving the McClellan residence, patrol  officer Jason Mosley located a property that had been taken from the McLellan’s vehicles and also another bag containing bike tools and bike gear.

Laura McLellan came to the Ada Police Department to claim  some of the found items.

Mosley later took another burglary call from Jill Cliburn in the 2000 block of East 14th Place. She also had vehicle burglaries and was missing a bag with bike tools and accessories in it.

Mosley later released those items to Cliburn.


Televisions, iPhone and iPod stolen

There was nothing subtle about the burglary in the 500 block of East 13th Tuesday afternoon about 1:45 p.m.

In broad daylight, the burglar kicked a door several times before it gave way, allowing him to enter the home of Rafael Capata. 

Officer Michael Meeks said there were no useable fingerprints, mainly because the burglar took them with him when he stole three flat-screen television sets, two digital cameras, one iPod and one iPhone.

The front door and frame were damaged  but yielded no fingerprints.

Meeks discovered wooden pieces lying on the living-room floor. He then asked neighbors if they had seen or heard anything. 

None of them had.

At the time of the report, there were no suspects or witnesses. Police are continuing the investigation.

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